Big Texas Ice House – 2/09/17

Big Texas Ice House - 2/09/17

  • And yes, we ended with Smore's...

  • John is trying to strike a model pose. Boom!

  • The "Karaoke" ladies! 🙂

  • John has a thing for thick beards!

Hofbrau at the Rim 1-12-17

Hofbrau at the Rim 1-12-17

  • Some of our SAYP's board members. Getting' it done!

  • Cheers!

  • Some of these guys came down from Austin and even Houston just for our event!!!

  • Girls just want to have fun!

  • The fabulous Richa and her friend.

  • I think those margaritas are a little too small...

  • John R Ravenel, one of our board members, photobombing (One if his assigned duties for the night of course)

  • John is always surrounded by ladies.

  • Clever Jennifer Gee with the bunny ears...

Co-Founder Speaks at Yale University

15284191_10108619577629210_3055745741987246445_nOne of SAYP’s co-founders, Faris Virani, recently spoke at Yale University for the 2016 Young Professionals Symposium.  Virani spoke on utilizing networks like San Antonio Young Professionals and Connecticut Young Professionals to build your personal network, professional network, and improve your quality of life.  A major takeaway and piece of advice from the talk was to plug in and get to know people on a personal level regardless of your motive (business or pleasure); not only will you have a potential business connection, you will have a friend and improve the quality of life in your community.

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