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Unlocking the Next Wave of Growth: A Conversation for Young Professionals in SA

San Antonio is powering its economic landscape with a tech start-up ecosystem that is producing new jobs. However, like many cities, the pace of this growth depends on our ability to attract and retain tech talent.

Over the last 10 years, the population of 25-to-34-year-olds with four years of college in San Antonio has grown almost 50%. While San Antonio is making progress, we need to continue to appeal to this demographic as they are the segment of the workforce that drives economic opportunity for the community as a whole.

The next generation of our nation’s workforce has made it clear that they will not move to, or remain in cities that don’t have vibrant urban areas. Do millennials view San Antonio as a vibrant city? How can we best compete as a city of choice for this demographic?

Join us for a conversation with a panel of young professionals who are creating an economic impact in our city. Learn about what keeps these high performers in San Antonio and add your voice to this important discussion.


• Bethany Stachenfeld – Sendspark, Founder & COO

• Dax Moreno – Tech Bloc, Chief Talent Officer

• Tara Parker – Spurs Give, Fundraiser Coordinator

•Yousef Kassim – EasyExpunctions, CEO


• Manuel Oblitas – San Antonio Young Professionals, Director