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    San Antonio Young Professionals enables you to build connections with other young professionals. Whether you’re new to the area or just looking to meet new people, this organization provides a means

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  • Professional Development

    San Antonio Young Professionals is a top resource for your career advancement.  We host several professional development events including, round tables, networking events, and career fairs. To join the Professional Development Committee, please

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    San Antonio Young Professionals is committed to getting young professionals more involved with their communities.  We host several civic engagement events including, interviews of politicians, community service projects, and much more. To

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    San Antonio Young Professionals is committed to keeping young professionals in San Antonio healthy.  We host numerous health-oriented events including group hikes, cooking classes, and much more.  To join our health and

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  • Arts and Culture

    San Antonio Young Professionals is committed to getting young people more involved in the arts.  We host numerous arts and culture oriented events, including art walks, trips to the ballet, and

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San Antonio 1718: Art from Viceregal Mexico (2/17-5/13)

Beginning February 17th and running through May 13th, the San Antonio Museum of Art will host “San Antonio 1718: Art from Viceregal Mexico.”

The exhibit tells the story of San Antonio’s first one-hundred years through landscapes, portraits, narrative paintings, sculptures, and devotional and decorative objects – many of which never exhibited in the United States before.

For more information on the exhibit, visit: https://www.sanantonio300.org/event/san-antonio-1718-art-from-viceregal-mexico/

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